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How to Build Your Own Freelancer Website

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Building Your Freelancer Website

Having your presence on the web is very beneficial when you want to find clients. Your website should give them a glimpse into the type of work that you do. Plus, with the right SEO and keywords, you could have many potential clients discovering you.

However, you will first need to learn how to build your website before getting those benefits. In this article, we will be covering what you should include on your freelancer website.

1. Your Brand Identity

As a freelancer, you will want to create your own brand. This idea includes just about everything on your website- the layout, graphics, theme, and other content. Even the voice you write in can be seen as a part of your brand identity.

If you are a graphic designer or web developer, you probably already have a lot of the skills needed to set up your brand identity on your freelancer website. This could be the perfect place to show potential clients what kind of work they can expect to come from you as well.

Finally, make sure that your brand name fits the rest of your website’s theme, then you can set it up as your domain.

2. Add the Pages

Next, you will want to start adding the pages to your freelancer website. You can have as many as you like, but you will always want to have a homepage, a services, and products page, a page focused on your previous projects, testimonials, and an about section. Plus, there should always be a contact form somewhere.

Depending on the type of freelance work that you do, you might also want to consider adding a FAQ or blog. These types of pages add useful keywords to your website- which boosts your SEO.

You could even have an online store section if you have services or products to sell. Artists would be able to make great use out of a page set up like this.

3. Know When to Get Assistance

As a freelancer, you are probably used to relying only on yourself to make content. However, there is no reason why you can not ask for help building your website.

As a business owner, you can use your website, you reach a wider audience. However, it does mean that you want them to be impressed with what they see. A professional will be able to help you build the best possible website.

4. Show Off What You Can Do

Of course, the most significant part of your website should be dedicated to showing everyone what your skills as a freelancer are. You can demonstrate your design abilities with a nicely laid out website or put examples of your writing online. No matter what type of freelancer you are, we are confident that you can demonstrate your personal skills on your website.

5. Learn to Use SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential to use if you want your website to rank highly on Google engines. When you are higher in the search results, you will have much more organic traffic flowing into your website- which means more potential clients are checking out past examples of your work.

Keywords are an essential part of SEO. You want to make sure that you are using them the right way and frequently enough to catch Google’s attention. We have plenty of blogs on using keywords and SEO if you want to check them out.

Local SEO can be used by you as well. For instance, if you a photographer in a city, you can use local SEO to get more clicks on your website. It also helps if you own your business listing on Google.

6. Make Your Page Mobile Friendly

Our last piece of advice to you is to build your freelancer website to be mobile-friendly. Did you know that more people will search for a question on a mobile device than on a computer? You will need to be prepared to handle the mobile users that want to view your website.

If your website does not look good, it will not stick around for long! A search bar can help mobile users find the pages they want, so you might want to consider adding one to your final version of the website.


Those were our tips for building your freelancer website. Every freelancer should be present online nowadays- it is the best tool for reaching an audience.

Overall, you will want to design a website that showcases your previous work. That way, new clients will know what they can expect from you.

This article was originally posted at Freelancing Buzz.

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