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5 Cash Flow Tips To Help Freelancers Survive Lean Months

Freelance Finance – 5 Cash Flow Tips To Help Freelancers Survive Lean Months Even before the world was thrown into chaos by the pandemic, freelancing wasn’t the most reliable way to make a living. Even ordinarily reliable clients experience fluctuations in the work they can offer. Then when COVID-19 hit, many businesses had to tighten […]

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How to Become a Freelancer: The Ultimate Guide

The reasons to embrace a freelance career are compelling. From supplementing your income to setting your own hours, freelance work is increasingly moving from the fringes of the job marketplace and into the mainstream. If you’ve considered freelancing, you’re not alone. A recent study found that over one-third of workers (36%) are currently freelancing, an […]

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Tips To Protect Your Intellectual Property While Working With A Freelancer

—By Ramya Sriram, digital content manager at Kolabtree , the freelance platform for scientists— Working with freelancers or remote workers is becoming an increasingly popular trend among companies of all sizes. It offers a wealth of benefits: save costs, access a global network pool, get work done quickly. However, one of the major concerns that […]

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The Importance of Having Representation as a Model

There are more opportunities for individuals to start a modelling career now than ever before, but this also means that there is greater potential for novice models to be exploited or underpaid. Securing appropriate representation, usually in the form of an agent or agency, can keep models safe, ensure models are paid properly, and provide […]

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Rozgaar India to help Businesses adjust to changing times

LUCKNOW, India, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The ‘new normal’ is here. In just a few short months, both businesses and consumers have rushed towards the digital landscape, altering shopping habits and operations in almost the blink of an eye.However, fight to online is more than just a reaction to lockdown. It’s a new way […]

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