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LinkedIn’s new Marketplaces will help freelancers find work

Our mission to make business better is fueled by readers like you. To enjoy unlimited access to our journalism, subscribe today . The coronavirus pandemic has transformed many office workers into remote workers, and that’s likely to continue even after the pandemic ends. LinkedIn is hoping to capitalize on the new reality by developing a […]

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How to Find Freelance Help for Your Small Business

If you run a small business then you should know that you can greatly benefit your business by hiring freelancers instead of permanent staff. Freelancers save you money, time, and other resources. They allow you to focus your other resources on core business functions and strategic planning. How to Find a Freelancer There are many […]

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Self-Employed Online Freelancing Market in China

COVID-19 and the rise of digital technologies are pushing traditionally employer-employee based economies, such as China, into growing markets in terms of freelance market volume, according to a report issued by PwC. The demand for this type of employment will increase due to a decrease in the share of the working-age population: hiring suitable people […]

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Where creative freelancers can earn extra money online: Career coach

MoMo Productions | DigitalVision | Getty Images Covid-19 has shifted so much work online it’s been a blessing of sorts for those who were already comfortable working from home, including the professional class of creative freelancers. From traditional career sites to gig postings, there are plenty of freelance job platforms to make an extra buck […]

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Collective launches a SaaS marketplace for freelancer teams

Freelancers who work well together in teams are the target for Collective , a French startup that’s launching a software-as-a-service marketplace today. (Not to be confused with Collective , a US-based startup that offers back-office tools for the self employed running a business-of-one.) Collective (the French ‘teams’ edition) is co-founded by Jean de Rauglaudre and […]

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Learn freelancing through Urdu courses from Airschool

Airschool is introducing more and more learning opportunities every month. This February, strengthen your freelancing skills and more with four new quality courses available for flexible learning. Airschool has begun enrolment for four new courses this month, with plenty more on the way. Strengthen your professional and freelancing skills with in-demand courses now available for […]

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