Hi! I am Shannon, a full-time freelance business owner. I’ve created Freelancing Buzz as a one-stop resource for anyone tired of the typical grind of a 9 to 5 job.

This website is here to help give you ideas on what types of opportunities are available to freelancers. Whether you are a writer, teacher, web page designer, photographer, blogger, or backup singer, there are freelance opportunities available for you.

At Freelancing Buzz, our staff will help you find resources to help you get started with your journey working from home. We will help you with the transition from a traditional job to being your own boss. We know how to make this adjustment successful because we have done it ourselves.

This website is also here for you to give advice on what freelance websites to use for your particular industry and which sites you should avoid. Maybe you want to find your own clients without the aid of a website. We will give you ideas on how to market yourself well enough so clients will come running to you.

We also know what pitfalls often occur when people start working from home. We are here to give you advice on how to manage distractions. Look for articles on knowing how much to charge to be competitive in your industry. We will help you manage your time so you can always be earning. We will help you learn how to deal with difficult clients. We will also give you advice on how to prepare for taxes, so you aren’t dealt with any surprises when April rolls around.

Freelancing Buzz is also here to encourage you in your journey. We know how satisfying it is to receive compensation based entirely on your performance and skills. We know that you are willing to work longer hours if that means you can do a job on your own terms. You have the passion and drive, and we are here to help you with the nuts and bolts.

We look forward to helping you!