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How to Track Your Freelance Work Hours With Timely App

Whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner, time tracking apps are essential to maximizing your productivity. With Timely, you can keep track of time, projects, and team members. This app provides team planning and project management capabilities. If you’re a gig worker or manage a creative professionals team, you can deliver maximum […]

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Microsoft Teams Alternatives for Virtual Team Meetings

Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool for video conferencing and team collaboration, but there are other potential freemium apps to consider. Teams doesn’t offer free access to crucial video conferencing features like scheduling, recording, or joining via the phone. Additionally, you or your client may prefer Google cloud tools over Office 365 subscriptions due to […]

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Top-8 Platforms For Freelance Developers

Connecting with customers with confidence using the proper sites Freelance platforms are one of the driving cogs in the workforce today, with more companies than ever before utilizing them to find professional workers for specific projects that do not need permanent employment. Through these sites, freelance developers can create profiles, share their work portfolio, and […]

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Earning Income From a Side Hustle? The CRA Might Be Watching!

Did you know that about 40% of millennials in Canada are part of the gig economy? The number is mixed between millennials who seek gigs or freelance work for passive or part-time income or people who rely on it for their primary income. It includes freelance office work, babysitting, house sitting, personal assistance services, paid […]

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Six figures from freelancing? This platform makes gig work lucrative

(ASSOCIATED PRESS) Writers, musicians, and designers are among those making good money through Fiverr, a platform aiming to become the go-to network for freelance work. Carrie French earns about $125,000 annually writing product descriptions. Beau Vallis earns a similar amount remixing music. The one thing both have in common? Fiverr , a side hustle platform […]

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Things You Should Know Before Jumping into a Freelance Career

Along with the growing trends of working from home and online, freelancing is becoming a more and more popular career path. Freelancing allows for a high level of autonomy, flexibility, and ultimately, freedom. Regardless of the industry area, there are increasing numbers of opportunities to jump into a freelance career to support multiple clients at […]

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