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With the world moving rapidly towards a freelance model, Freelance to Freedom is not only timely and necessary, but it’s also entertaining, engaging and paints a picture for anyone looking for a life of freedom with money, time and location.

Freelance to Freedom

Are you ready to jump-start your freelance career? Freelance Newbie has you covered! In this book, you’ll learn practical, actionable steps you can start using TODAY to get your first client by the end of the week.

Freelance Newbie – Amazon 

Yes, it is possible to thrive as a well-paid freelance writer instead of bidding on low paying jobs, or writing on spec. From her own experience, Sandra Shillington spells out exactly how to start making money quickly by starting your own freelance business from scratch.

The Mighty Writer – Amazon

Want to turn your passion and talent for writing into a legitimate, upper-middle-class livelihood? Learn the secrets of the hidden writing market.

The Million Dollar Writer