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Finding Freelancers: Web Developers

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As a charity, your website has a big job to do. It can be your core communication channel, merchandising platform, fundraising tool, and a vital source of information and support. You need to get it right. And to do that you need the right people. If you haven’t got the in-house expertise, hiring a freelancer can be the way forward. And while there are pros and cons to hiring freelancers , the biggest pro is being able to buy in expertise that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford (or need) full-time. What is a web developer? The first thing to note is that a web developer is different from a web designer. A web designer focuses on the visuals of the website (branding, logos, style, etc.). While a web developer puts together the nuts and bolts of the site. It’s a much more technical role. Most developers will be able to write code in several languages, like HTML, JavaScript, or CSS and will be great problem-solvers. Take a look at our basics for web development to find out more. As an example, if your branding needs updating on the site, you’ll need a web designer. If you need to improve your mobile site, you’ll need a web developer. And if you’re starting a website from scratch, you’ll need both web developer and a web designer. There are three main types of developers: Front-end developers code the user interface of your website, the part that users interact with. A front-end developer works on anything a visitor sees, clicks, or uses on your website. They often have user experience expertise Back-end developers work on the hidden structure of the website, in essence – how your website works. For example, if you need to integrate with a third-party payment system, or store data in a database, you’ll need the help of a back-end developer Full stack developers do both. While they can cost more per day, they bring the benefits of being able to work on both front and back ends Below we look at some advice to help you choose the right freelancer. Clarify what the job is Be specific about what needs to be done. And that might not only be creating a new website from scratch. You might need a web developer to fix a glitch on a payment page, make your existing website mobile responsive, or build a new fundraising tool. Decide exactly what the scope of the project is and what are your absolute deadlines for delivery. Being definite right from the start will help you find the right person who can deliver on time. It will also help to prevent the project parameters slipping – having unclear boundaries isn’t helpful to either party. Define what experience the freelancer needs Working from your scoping document, you’ll have a clear idea of the technical skills they’ll need. But also consider other attributes. Is knowledge of similar charities a plus for the project? Or would it be beneficial […]

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