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The Importance of Having Representation as a Model

There are more opportunities for individuals to start a modelling career now than ever before, but this also means that there is greater potential for novice models to be exploited or underpaid. Securing appropriate representation, usually in the form of an agent or agency, can keep models safe, ensure models are paid properly, and provide […]

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Rozgaar India to help Businesses adjust to changing times

LUCKNOW, India, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The ‘new normal’ is here. In just a few short months, both businesses and consumers have rushed towards the digital landscape, altering shopping habits and operations in almost the blink of an eye.However, fight to online is more than just a reaction to lockdown. It’s a new way […]

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How Flexible Workspaces Can Serve Self-Employed Workers

How a flexible workspace can serve self-employed workers. Self-employed and freelance workers are making up a larger part of the workforce than ever before. While some self-employed workers are content to work in their homes, the in-home office isn’t always sufficient. Here, Holly Welles explains what to expect from a flexible space, and how this […]

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What You Should Include In Your Copywriter Portfolio

what to include copywriter portfolio website sections Most freelance copywriters are constantly looking for new customers or new fascinating projects. However, the best way to showcase your skills is to create a modern, engaging copywriter’s portfolio website. You can build such a site from scratch yourself… but the average writer hardly has sufficient coding and […]

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Financial planning for independent contractors and gig workers

Image: Shutterstock Rising unemployment in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic combined with more and more people working from home has increased the size of what is referred to as the ‘gig economy’ which is made up of independent contractors, online platform workers, contract workers and on-call workers. Generally speaking, gig workers are heavily dependent […]

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IMHO Best Freelance Sites For Small Businesses

IMHO Reviews is ready to release their findings regarding the best freelance site for small businesses after using three different online platforms. IMHO Reviews hires more freelancers after the world has shifted towards remote work. Vitaliy the owner of IMHO reviews says, “Fiverr is one of the best low-cost freelance platforms, as the services offered […]

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Want to be a freelancer? Here’s all you need to know

In the last couple of years, the term ‘freelance’ or ‘freelancing’ has gained more popularity in our country. Several years ago, Indians started breaking away from regular norms of working in just one company or one sector or the entirety of the career and off late have started ‘freelancing’ A freelancer is someone who chooses […]

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Most Efficient Ways to Run Marketing For a Logistics Company

In the current days, marketing has become an essential tool for every company that searches for steady growth. No matter what business you’re in, your next client will probably have searched for your services on Google and checked on your reviews on Yelp. So, having said that, is your company prepared for this? Here we […]

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