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Unpacking the Contentious Matter of Testing Freelance Translators

Tests for freelance language professionals get a bad rap, some of it well deserved. The least scrupulous language service providers (LSPs) have been known to save money by disguising their clients’ projects as unpaid “tests” for translators. But some professional translators may also object to tests, paid or unpaid, on principle, saying that their credentials […]

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Want to be a freelancer? Here’s all you need to know

In the last couple of years, the term ‘freelance’ or ‘freelancing’ has gained more popularity in our country. Several years ago, Indians started breaking away from regular norms of working in just one company or one sector or the entirety of the career and off late have started ‘freelancing’ A freelancer is someone who chooses […]

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How to Make a Successful Career Change in the Post-Coronavirus World?

By Daniela McVicker The COVID-19 pandemic has an enormous effect on the job market, forcing many people to leave offices and work from home. However, this is not the worst alternative. Many people were forced to resign due to massive business shut-downs and most of them lost their main source of income. According to the […]

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