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BruntWork is Number 1 For Hiring Freelancers

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Looking for a freelancer but sick of sites like Upwork where freelancers are notorious for letting you down? General freelancer platforms contain every imaginable kind of freelancer that a business could possibly want. However, a lot of freelancer websites have a plethora of candidates seeking to maximise their earnings by loading up on as many clients as they can get away with. BruntWork is different. It has deep pools of talent on offer and encompasses a wide range of fields but specialises in full time, qualified and expert level freelancers looking for dedicated work with one client. A distributed workforce means BruntWork are able to source the best talent, no matter the location. Their recruitment process is not limited to one single geographic location. They can scale clients up or down – fast. And all virtual assistants placed by BruntWork have fast internet, computer system to specification and redundancy infrastructure if their role requires (i.e. back-up internet provider). BruntWork does not charge a commission, but negotiates salaries with the candidate, and the company offers full time placements rather than per hour placements, so the staff can concentrate on skilling up and learning the ins and outs of the company in which they work. In this regard BruntWork is a very different, and possibly the best option online for finding a freelancer. Stephanie Quimque BruntWork [email protected] 1300 318 693 COMTEX_392833208/2776/2021-09-05T23:53:50

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