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Best Techniques for Freelancers to Prioritize Tasks

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As a freelancer, you may have to do hundreds of tasks every day, while still having many more tasks on the to-do list. Not all works need equal importance, and prioritizing is the best way to find out what you need to do now. You can use any of the following techniques to prioritize your tasks and have a productive working day. 1. Create a Task Master List for Review If you think you can prioritize among all your tasks while they only exist in your head, you’re wrong. You need to put them down on paper or add them to an app to create a master list. Put all the tasks and subtasks in. Once you list the tasks, you can easily see which one needs more priority. You can then prioritize them by daily, weekly, and monthly goals. You can use the task management app ClickUp to enlist the tasks and sort them based on your priority. The app also lets you add a due date for each task. Download: ClickUp for Windows | macOS | Linux | iOS | Android (Free) 2. Start With the Toughest Task In this method, you get to prioritize the most difficult task on your list and do that first. It may not be the most important task, but completing that’ll make the rest of the tasks a breeze. People often tend to skip the difficult task in the morning and schedule it for the later part of the day. Doing easy and small tasks throughout the day makes you tired, while you actually need a fresh mind and complete concentration to complete the difficult task. Do the most difficult task at first, even if it’s challenging. You can also free your mind by finishing the hardest task and can focus more on the easier ones. 3. Ivy Lee Method to Rank Tasks This 100-year-old method lets you handle your priorities well and makes you more productive. According to this technique, you need to choose the six most important tasks you need to do tomorrow. Order the tasks depending on the importance level, and on the next day, start working on them one at a time. This strategy eliminates decision fatigue by forcing you to prioritize your goals one day earlier. As you don’t have to spend your morning prioritizing, you can make the most of the day by utilizing every minute of it. The approach also endorses mono-tasking. Thus, you can complete a task quickly because you give complete attention to it. You can use The Ivy Lee Method app for this method. List the tasks according to your priority and mark them once complete. As you strike off one task from your to-do list after completion, you have one less task to worry about. Download: The Ivy Lee Method for Android (Free) 4. Eisenhower Matrix for Task Grouping During prioritization, you may get confused between doing the urgent task and doing the important task. Eisenhower Matrix is a prioritization […]

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