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Younger Managers Drive Rising Demand For Freelance Talent

Freelance News

As Millennials and GenZers make their mark on the workplace, their generations’ freelance-friendly attitudes are likely to reshape the future of work, a new survey has found. By 2028, nontraditional talent—such as freelancers, temporary workers and agency workers—will make up 24% more of departmental headcount than they do today, in a large part because of younger generations’ positive attitudes toward hiring these types of workers, according to Upwork’s annual Future of Work Survey , released today. “This is good news for freelancers,” says Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel. “There will be a lot more demand for your skills.” Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel says demand for freelancers is likely to increase in the future, owning, in part, to younger managers’ affinity for hiring freelancers. Upwork Among the survey’s findings: Younger managers (a group primarily made up of Millennials and older GenZers in the survey sample) are 30% more likely to hire freelancers to fill in skills gaps in their organizations than Baby Boomers. Younger managers are also more than twice as likely as Baby Boomers to have increased their use of freelancers in the past few years and are projected to increase their reliance in 2019. The reasons the younger managers […]

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