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6 Ways To Find An Offshore Development Team in 2021

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Outsourcing is the new norm for developers to build software products. The vast transformation of the remote work business model has forced businesses to switch to outsourcing. Hiring offshore developers provides businesses access to cost-efficient qualified resources. By outsourcing the development project, companies will obtain qualified professionals, a large talent pool, the latest technology development, and quality-oriented solutions. Due to the high demand for software products, the market is booming to extend offshore development teams. Nevertheless, finding an offshore development team is challenging, although it is a responsible and crucial task. In this article, we have listed below 6 ways which can assist in hiring offshore developers. Let’s lead off! 1. Industry Directories: There are many online directories such as Clutch, G2, Upcity, ITFirms, Good firms in which many of the offshore companies are listed. These directories bring together software development contractors. During the search, you can delve deeper into specific areas of expertise and obtain the company that does specifically what you need. 2. Freelance Websites: If the business project is small or the budget is too limited then you must look at the freelance sites. There are several online portals where you can partner with an offshore development team. You can post job requirements on freelance websites and the interested enterprise will connect you. Below listed are some of the famous freelance websites: Upwork & Freelancer: Both websites are the most commonly used resources to find offshore development teams. Besides, there is a rating system, to get a good understanding of their work quality. The platform handles the administration aspect of your collaboration with employees, so you can concentrate on the progress of the project. YouTeam: YouTeam is an ideal tool to find candidates or teams amongst developers. The platform ensures that the applicants have evidence of competency. Toptal: This platform assists clients and engineering teams to connect and collaborate before and during the project. And it connects businesses with potential contractors. It establishes a strong bond between the partners. The aforementioned platforms are considered the most popular and effective in terms of collaboration among client service providers. The con of a freelance website is you have to work with intermediaries such as Toptal, Up work, which will end up increasing offshore developer rates. Or you have to sacrifice security and reliability by hiring freelancers on your own. 3. LinkedIn Network: LinkedIn is a global platform, which is logged in by almost every professional offshore development company. The people who are in search of new talents need to know about this global platform as it is the basic yet significant headhunting tool for clients and recruiters. However, This platform is not the main resource for searching for offshore development teams, but it may be of great assistance. Using this website, you can access the geographical situation of the enterprises. Also, you can look in for the employees’ data, their experience, and even the accounts of the companies’ employees. While hiring offshore developers, be sure to study their […]

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