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15 Best Websites for Making Money as a Freelancer

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It’s much easier to find freelance work nowadays as there are plenty of reliable platforms for both freelance workers and employers to use. Certain freelancer websites are geared towards a particular sector, such as independent designers or writers, whereas others serve almost all industries. You can also find top-tier websites that only work with certified, vetted professionals. As a creative, there are also different hiring methods, such as taking part in design contests, and how you sell yourself to potential employers depends on the platform. If you’re looking for freelance work , here are fifteen of the best websites for making money . 15 Websites for Making Money as a Freelancer Toptal Toptal boasts only to offer the top 3% of freelance workers. They promise that their team of recruitment experts will always find the right person for the job. Don’t let this put you off; however, if you’re qualified, you’ll still be eligible. What will happen is that you’ll go through a more rigorous screening process. This entails depending on your field, but you’ll likely have to take some tests or do a quick sample project. Once you’ve been through this initial stage, however, the results could be very lucrative. LinkedIn ProFinder LinkedIn ProFinder is a relatively new feature of LinkedIn, which allows employers to reach out to qualified professionals specifically. It has a slightly more professional approach. As a registered user, LinkedIn will send you potential projects for which you need to write a proposal and a bid. It’s a chance to sell yourself on a higher level. LinkedIn job searches, in general, can be very fruitful, and you can network with thousands of individuals and businesses related to your field. It’s worth spending the time and effort to make a LinkedIn profile and networking on the site or app. This way, you’re more likely to come up in search results. SolidGigs SolidGigs is another great one for top-tier freelance opportunities. As a freelancer, you can go through a weekly list of jobs, and there are also courses and tools available to help you apply. This list supposedly has the top 1% of jobs on the market at the moment, however. The courses on offer are usually of a high standard as well, and SolidGigs is partnered with several experts that offer training in soft skills such as sales and customer service. General Freelance Upwork Upwork is one of the most popular general freelance websites offering work in a variety of sectors. There’s also a feature where you can set up your own price or hourly rate for invoice payment , making it quick and simple to start working once you get clients. Clients then give you feedback and a rating that you can post on your profile to help you find more opportunities. Guru Guru is famous for being a very reputable source of freelance work and workers. They encourage transparency and detail in all postings, so you’ll have a clear idea of what the work […]

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