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Freelancing is one of the most acquired jobs specially among the young youth. While, previously freelancing was not that well known as a profession over the years slowly and gradually this work is making its place strong with over 1 billion freelancers worldwide currently. This means that freelancers represent over 28 percent of the global workforce and the growth has been seen rapidly increasing this past year with working voluntary choosing this as their full time profession. According to survey, a new wave of workers transitions to the more flexible form of work with 75% of freelancers claiming they wouldn’t trade their current work set up for any other type of work. The pay rate of a freelancing job varies from the job type to the amount of work but if you are someone who knows you have the potential to adopt freelancing as a profession let us assure you that the payments are better than you would expect since currently estimated market size of freelancers is $1.6 trillion in the US alone , this means you need to find the right job for you to make a good amount. But how would you know what is the right job for you? Well, freelancing has various branches like content writing, graphic designing, digital marketing, web development etc. and even if you come from some other profession totally unlinked to these types, you can still be a freelancer by choosing what among the freelancing types is your best bet. After finding the job type you are best at, learn which platform will be the best one to start off your career. You must be thinking, there are so many platforms and all of them have thousands of jobs every day. That is indeed correct but though all platforms look the same in reality they are not. Hence, understanding how platforms are different from each other and which platform will be the best for you in finding clients is very important. There are different platforms for different job types for example, for freelancing in IT CodeMentor, TopCoder, and CleverTech and many others are available. For graphic designing 99Designs, Envato Studio, Behance etc. are present. Platforms such as UpWork, Fiverr and Freelancer fall in the general category which provides access to all sorts of job types including web designing and animation. Deciding which platform to focus on can be challenging. Initially start off by checking the terms and conditions of a platform before you join them. Some platforms like UpWork gives freelancers direct access to the clients while well-known platforms like Fiverr do not. At the same time, some platforms may cut a commission fee, and may pass on the costs to your customers, charge you directly, or sometimes even both. In order to gain more tasks, the best thing to do is make a presentable profile because many well-known platforms have a huge numbers of jobs everyday but at the same time they have a lot of competition as well. So […]

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