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7 Signs You Might Need Content Marketing Help

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Content Strategy 7 Signs You Might Need Content Marketing Help By Jonathan Crowl on May 19, 2021 Successful brand-building doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s only a matter of time before your marketing department will have to navigate talent acquisition to work with specialized services and skills. As your brand marketing strategy evolves, you may discover you need help from outside marketing experts. In some cases, this might entail engaging a content marketing partner that has the resources and expertise to execute your strategic vision. In others, it might mean connecting with freelancers, consultants, and other professionals who can complement your in-house talent with unique skill sets and perspectives. As your marketing strategy evolves, so will your constraints and pain points. Typically, though, these problems have simple solutions. The bigger challenge facing many brand marketers is identifying exactly when it’s time to look for outside help. While a bootstrapped approach to brand marketing has a certain appeal, leaning on specialized, grounded expertise is a straighter path to improved marketing performance and overall business outcomes. There’s virtue in being able to admit your marketing strategy would be stronger with another mind in the mix—here are seven common triggers and challenges that may indicate it’s time to seek a helping hand. 1. You’re ready to build a strategy, but you’re short on internal experience. Content isn’t as simple as publishing blog posts to your brand’s website. Before you start counting page views, build a strong foundation for your strategy. It’s vital to: Exhaustively understand your customers’ pain points Target content to specific buyer personas and stages of the customer journey Account for SEO and other optimizations that support content success Align content strategy with larger business goals Create consistent messaging across different pieces of content targeted to the same personas and pain points A strong content marketing program maximizes the efficiency of its content production, including how assets are managed and repurposed across multiple content channels. And, crucially, it’s built to support continued experimentation and optimization over time: Skyword research shows that 85 percent of top-performing content marketing programs routinely adjust their content mix to adapt to changing business needs. If you haven’t built or managed programs in the past, the task can be overwhelming—especially when you’re adding this project to an already full plate of responsibilities. A trusted partner can guide you through this process and build a program poised for success. 2. You’re eager to experiment with new content types, but you lack in-house expertise to guide campaign development and content production. Suppose your business is already producing certain types of content, but you’re eager to expand production to include new content types to further engage your target audiences. Each content type comes with its own set of best practices and challenges. If your in-house marketing team hasn’t worked with these content types in the past, you could be facing a lot of trial and error—and wasted resources—before you land on the right approach. A content marketing partner, along […]

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