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How to Increase the Value of Your Web Design Clients

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If you’re a freelance designer or agency owner, there are essentially two basic ways that you can increase your revenue: 1) land more clients, or 2) make more money from each client. Earning more from your average client may be a lot more realistic and achievable than you think. There are a number of ways that you can go about doing this, and it’s not about overcharging your clients, it’s about bringing more value to the table. When it comes to increasing revenue, earning more from each client is usually easier to achieve than landing more clients. You won’t need more leads. You won’t need to increase your conversion rate for turning leads into paying clients. And you won’t need to manage more clients. Here are 9 practical ways that you can increase the amount that you make from the average client. 1. Increase Your Prices Probably the most straightforward way to increase the value of your clients is to increase your rates. Of course, increasing prices can impact how many clients you’re able to land or the existing clients that you retain, however, you may choose to keep prices the same for your existing clients and only raise your rates going forward for new clients. A rate increase is something that most designers dread, but it’s an inevitable part of business. In fact, many freelancers are seriously underpricing their services and a rate increase may be needed just to get prices where they should be. Keep in mind that the value of the service you provide is more important than whether or not your price is higher than it used to be. If clients get enough value from your services, the rate increase is justified and it shouldn’t cost you clients. Of course, that’s not to say that everyone should increase rates immediately. Take an honest look at the quality of the services that you provide and see if it matches up to the price that you’re charging. If an increase is justified, try quoting new projects at a higher rate and see what happens. If a rate increase isn’t justified yet, take a look at your services to see where you could improve in a way that would justify a rate increase. Action Step: Take some time to re-evaluate your prices. Are you overcharging, undercharging, or are your prices just right? You probably won’t know for sure until you try changing your prices, so develop your own ideas on your pricing and then experiment by adjusting the price with your next few quotes. If you increase your prices and you’re still able to land clients at the same pace, chances are your rates were too low before. Related: Try This One Simple Trick That Will Help You Sell More Web Design Projects 2. Offer Related Services What services do you currently offer to your clients? Some web designers only offer web design/development services and others offer a wider variety of services. If you want to increase the […]

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