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Tips To Protect Your Intellectual Property While Working With A Freelancer

—By Ramya Sriram, digital content manager at Kolabtree , the freelance platform for scientists— Working with freelancers or remote workers is becoming an increasingly popular trend among companies of all sizes. It offers a wealth of benefits: save costs, access a global network pool, get work done quickly. However, one of the major concerns that […]

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What You Should Include In Your Copywriter Portfolio

what to include copywriter portfolio website sections Most freelance copywriters are constantly looking for new customers or new fascinating projects. However, the best way to showcase your skills is to create a modern, engaging copywriter’s portfolio website. You can build such a site from scratch yourself… but the average writer hardly has sufficient coding and […]

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Financial planning for independent contractors and gig workers

Image: Shutterstock Rising unemployment in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic combined with more and more people working from home has increased the size of what is referred to as the ‘gig economy’ which is made up of independent contractors, online platform workers, contract workers and on-call workers. Generally speaking, gig workers are heavily dependent […]

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The personal finance tips every freelancer should know

The personal finance tips every freelancer should know – Shutterstock Draw up a budget – Shutterstock Separate your bank accounts – Shutterstock Set aside money for taxes…in a savings account – Shutterstock Slide 1 of 21: If you dream of having the flexible schedule of a freelancer, it’s important to remember that this career path […]

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Here’s How Much to Invest Each Month if You Want $100K by Age 30

Your 20s aren’t typically a time when you’re flush with cash. Many 20-somethings survive on low salaries or a hodgepodge of part-time and freelance gigs. Student loans and credit card debt only make things tougher. But if you do have cash to spare, you can amass a six-figure fortune a lot faster than you think. […]

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