Freelancers turn to Facebook marketplace to earn extra income

Freelancers Turn To Facebook Marketplace To Earn Extra Income

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Lifestyle News Freelancers turn to Facebook marketplace to earn extra income By Staff Reporter Last updated Mar 5, 2023 Photo by Suzy Hazelwood/Design by FI Buying, selling and/or reselling on Facebook Marketplace can be a great way for freelancers to generate additional income in these financially tight times. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started. If your monthly bills feel like they are ever-increasing and you need to earn some extra cash in a new way that doesn’t feel like “work” then reselling on Marketplace could be an option. Other online platforms like eBay are also good to consider as many businesses do almost all their sales through eBay auctions. Auctions can be risky in case not many people bid or at a price that turns you a profit. However, if you do your research and some SEO and product description research you should have a better chance of turning a profit and attracting interested buyers. Facebook Marketplace reports 1 billion users per month, so those customers are out there. Identify a niche Look for a niche market that you are interested in or have expertise in, such as vintage clothing, antiques, cycling equipment, electronics, or home decor. Anything collectable can be a winner. Upcycling If you are handy turning unwanted items into something worthy of retail, then you may take either the niche route to reselling or a more generaliist upcycling approach depending on what you can get your hands on for free or next to nothing to turn a nice profit. Reaching out to neighbours, friends and family for items is a good way to start finding items to upcycle. You could be saving them a trip to the tip, too. What are the best-selling items on Facebook marketplace in 2023? If you are on the fence about what you should start selling on a medium to long-term basis on Facebook marketplace, here are some of the best-selling items. Fashion Apparel Furniture & Home Decor Mobile & Accessories Books Baby Care Products Sports Supplies & Fitness Equipment Health & Wellness Products Toys Seasonal Goods Electronics Source: Research pricing Before making a purchase or setting a price if you are a seller, research the typical selling price for the item on other platforms like eBay or Amazon to ensure you can make a profit. Price in shipping costs You also have to consider what to charge for shipping across the UK, Europe or further afield. Simply Business has published this report on s electing the best UK courier for your small business . Take quality photos Take high-quality photos of the item you are selling, including multiple angles and any flaws. This will help attract potential buyers. Write a detailed and enticing description Write a detailed and honest description of the item you are selling, including its condition, dimensions, and any other relevant information. If your item has history, like an antique painting or vintage guitar, then that information could be very relevant to a buyer, […]

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