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A guide on how to become a freelancer in the UK

According to The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE), there were 2.2 million freelancers in the UK in 2020. If you’re thinking about joining their ranks, be sure to read this comprehensive guide on how to become a freelancer. Get your free guide to becoming a freelancer Download your free in-depth guide on […]

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Problems and Difficulties While Hiring Freelancers

How gawdo helps you and solves the issues Working with freelancers and remote professionals has various benefits and positive features. In other words, freelancing, somehow, has influenced the working landscape and broadened the concept of hiring employees. With the rise of the freelancing industry, getting your work done has now become much easier than ever. […]

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The Benefits of Outsourcing and Flexible Staffing

Freelancers will certainly have a decisive role to play in the labor market as businesses wade back toward post-pandemic normalcy. 2019 survey data from the hiring platform giant Upwork found respondents identifying talent scarcity and access to in-demand skills as core challenges for hiring. Subsequent findings from that survey in 2020, however, marked an important […]

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Ways a VPN Can Increase Productivity as a Freelancer

Whether you are a freelance coder, writer, or even graphic designer, you only need to have a decent laptop, a steady internet connection, an ergonomic workstation, and probably a fresh brew of coffee. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a vital requirement for any avid freelancer, asides from the aforementioned essential freelancing requirements. Besides providing […]

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