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Fiverr In Australia: Everything You Need To Know

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If you’re looking for a freelancer online, you may have come across Fiverr . We take a detailed look at the service, how it works, and and how it can be useful to you or your business. What Is Fiverr? How Does It Work? Fiverr is an online platform for finding freelancers offering digital services. It works by connecting customers, or ‘buyers’, that have available work with freelancers, or ‘sellers’ that are offering their work online. Fiverr’s website functions like a typical e-commerce platform, with a catalogue of verified freelancers where buyers can source, communicate with, and pay freelancer sellers. What Services Are Available On Fiverr In Australia? Buyers are able to book a huge range of services, or ‘gigs’ from Fiverr’s freelancers. There is a strong focus on digital work – such as design and illustration, SEO and website optimisation, copywriting, video and much more. Fiverr has grouped their services with eight main verticals: Digital marketing Writing and translation Video and animation Music and audio Programming and tech Business Lifestyle Is Fiverr Safe? Fiverr provides a secure platform to make payments via credit card and PayPal, protecting both buyers and sellers by holding payment. They comply with global and local regulations, collect GST, and comply with global payment security council PCI . Since Fiverr complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can delete or access your personal details any time you want from the platform and keep your personal details safe. Like all online marketplaces, some caution is recommended when engaging a new seller. However, Fiverr provides plenty of transparency within its feedback and ratings systems, as well as the data security to allow you to engage with a gig either as a buyer or seller with confidence. Fiverr is mainly used for digital services, such as search engine optimisation for websites. How Does Fiverr’s Pricing Work? Fiverr is free to use as a buyer, and service fees are added at the point of purchase when a gig is booked. Buyers can then review and accept the fee. As of March 2021, Fiverr’s service fees are 5.5% of the purchase amount. An additional $2 small order fee is applied to purchases under $50. How To Hire A Freelancer On Fiverr Hiring a freelancer on Fiverr works in exactly the same way you currently buy most goods on e-commerce platforms. Search for the key tasks and skills you’re looking for, compare thousands of sellers, and connect directly with the one you want to use. Most freelancers have a three-tier pricing structure for services given, with a basic package to simply complete the required task, and ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ options to include add-ons such as ongoing support and professional feedback. As a buyer, you can also advertise gigs on Fiverr–outlining the work, rate and deadline—and receive custom offers from sellers straight to your inbox. Fiverr’s Subscription Feature In Australia Fiverr recently introduced the option of a subscription model for Australian users. This allows businesses to engage […]

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