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eCommerce is changing the way the whole world shops. The COVID-19 crisis has sped up this whole digital transformation. Online sales increased in North America by 129% year over year in April 2020. In response, companies are ramping up their marketing efforts. According to Statista, digital advertising will grow between 2019 and 2024 by 83%, and marketers are poised to spend more than $350 billion on digital marketing worldwide next year. To avoid getting left behind, companies need to adjust their marketing strategy quickly, identify what needs to be done and find the most efficient way to implement it quickly and successfully. It boils down to transforming traditional work processes and finding the right experts to get the job done smoothly. Those that manage to scale their business by saving time and money are coming out on top. This explains why along with the need for effective digital marketing is a growing number of freelancers that are specialized in a specific area. This has been a blessing and a curse for businesses. On the one hand, freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr and Upwork, have thousands of potential candidates. On the other hand, you need to put in the hours to sort through the lists to find the right match. One of the main goals of hiring freelancers is to access top-quality marketing talent. But to hire the right fit for your business requires you to spend hours sifting through candidates who may or may not be the right fit for the job. Sometimes you may find a decent candidate only to feel frustrated at the inability to monitor their performance. This can keep your marketing campaign from reaching its true potential. Perhaps it is more accurate to say your company doesn’t need freelancers but experts. But aren’t these experts hard to find? Here is the good news, it isn’t difficult at all if you become familiar with the concept of Deep Job Platforms and what they can do for your business. Transformation of the Workplace and What This Means for Building High-Performance Marketing Teams The way we work in the 21st century is entirely different from any time in the past. Most people no longer expect to work for the same company for decades and then receive a gold watch at retirement. Companies are tightening budgets and find it more efficient to hire part-time staff or freelancers instead of in-house workers. Also, workers are looking for more flexibility. They may feel that their level of expertise is unappreciated if they remain employed by just one company and feel they can offer more value if they focus on a niche and market that skill to a multiplicity of clients. This development has allowed companies to construct high-performance marketing teams, and this has been resulting in the highest ROI. However, on regular job boards and freelancing platforms, it can be challenging to locate the right person with the expertise you need for particular needs. For instance, you may find marketers who […]

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