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Online outsourcing marketplace In terms of a total number of users and projects posted, also known as Freelancer Limited ( ASX: FLN ), is world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace with more than 39 million registered users and over 16 million projects and contests posted to date. Twelve-time Webby award-winning also performs business into global enterprise freight marketplace through its marketplace. Considered as a game-changer for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large organisations , helps small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs turn that spark of an idea into reality. How does work? Anyone looking to get work or Project done through a freelancer can go to website and follow the below mentioned three steps . Post a project Choose the perfect freelancer Pay when you are satisfied The company’s desktop app helps in tracking progress, monitor hours, communicate with the Freelancer. Via the mobile app, the business can stay in touch with a freelancer or client. covers over 1,600 diverse areas like website development, logo design, marketing, copywriting, astrophysics, aerospace engineering etc. Freelancer is also emerging as a leader in secure online payments and online transaction management services via its business, . With, one can ship across state boundaries; physical inspection and acceptance happen on delivery. How works? Buyer and seller agree to terms and conditions Buyer pays Seller ships merchandise Buyer accepts the merchandise com pays the seller What are the Benefits of using As Buyers & sellers do not have to physically meet to transact, this solves trust problem. There are several other benefits of, which are as follows: Increased Trust – enable customers to transact on e-commerce, marketplaces & classifieds sites with higher trust & safety greatly reducing fraud and with no chargebacks; Increased Liquidity – Physical inspection & acceptance happen on delivery, meaning valuable items can ship across a state or country before the transaction completes, allowing business & its customers to expand beyond local to global markets safely; Increased Fulfillment – With greater liquidity, sellers can access more buyers and buyers more sellers, resulting in better choice, pricing and increasing the probability of a successful transaction; Increased Support – World class transaction support as well as Experienced personnel help customers in shipping documentation, title, liens, and more; Increased Compliance – provides “compliance as a service” performing know your customer (KYC) & anti-money laundering verification for high-value transactions; Increased Revenue – Revenue share is available for volume partners of $1 million per month or more. Recent Performance of recently announced its Quarterly Cash Flow Statement for 3Q FY19 (quarter ending 30 September 2019). Key highlights of the company’s performance are mentioned below: Freelancer Group delivers 3Q FY19 cash receipts of $14.3 million (up 9.4% on prior corresponding period (pcp)), YTD cash receipts $42.6 million (up 12.4% on pcp) 3Q19 Freelancer Group Gross Payment Volume $197.8m (up 5.4% on pcp), YTD $598 million (up 8.4% on pcp) Freelancer segment […]

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