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Your Realistic Guide to Freelance Blogging

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What you’ll learn Description Do you want to start your own freelance blogging business but aren’t sure how to do it? Do you want practical , no-nonsense advice that will prepare you for the ups and downs of being an independent writer? This course is perfect for you! You’ll learn how to become a successful freelance blogger by leveraging the skills that you have, while building up the skills that you don’t. It’s a straight-shooting , no-fluff training program that will both inspire and prepare you for life as a content writer. Content is king. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. Every industry needs blog content in order to grow and succeed. But that content needs to be made, and marketers are either too busy or don’t have the writing chops necessary to fill out a blog. That’s where you come in. When you enroll in my course, you’ll learn: How to find your first customers How to improve your writing skills How to set your rates How to protect yourself from predatory clients When you should jump from part-time to full-time freelancing After you take this course, you will be able to start your freelance career with confidence and be in a position to grow both yourself and your business. Sign up now! Regards, Patrick Icasas ——————————————- “Not only does Patrick guide you through how to get started but also talks about how to set your rates and avoid some of the freelancing scams! Realistic, approachable, fun & informative. This is a course very much worth enrolling in!” — Kendra Johnson , Business Coach, Leader, Author

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