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8 ways to make money online

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Making money from your creative work might be easier than you realise. Because if there’s one thing the internet values, it’s creative work. There are over a billion websites online as of 2020, and almost all of them rely on creative professionals in one way or another. From the blogs you love to read to the cat pictures you scroll through, every type of content that makes up the internet is built from creative effort. For a professional artist or designer, there are plenty of ways to make money online. Before you get started, though, you’d want to be prepared. Launching your own website is a great way to attract potential clients (see our best website builders for help), while the best cloud storage can help you efficiently manage all your digital assets from one place. From becoming a video game streamer to offering lessons over video calls, here are the eight best ways to make money online in 2021. Note that not all of these options will be suitable for everyone, and some freelancers won’t like uploading their work to some platforms. Be discerning, but also experiment, too. You never know where you might end up creating a new revenue stream for yourself. 01. Sell your work on Etsy Etsy is an ecommerce platform specializing in creative items (Image credit: Etsy) Etsy is an ecommerce platform specialising in creative items. With everything from vintage board games to handmade home decor, the website is an art collector’s dream. If you’re someone who makes handmade products, Etsy can help you earn a sizable income. Etsy acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers; much like eBay, it doesn’t manufacture the products it sells, but like any intermediary, it charges a fee for listing your products. The cost of one listing is $0.20 per every four months. There’s also a 5% fee applicable per transaction. Setting up your store on Etsy is very easy. Just head over to the website and sign up for a new account. Once done, set up a storefront by choosing a name for your shop and adding a few listings. Whenever someone makes a purchase for one of your listings, you will be notified to begin the shipping process. 02. Teach courses on Udemy Udemy allows creative professionals to offer courses and expert lessons (Image credit: udemy) Udemy and Coursera have been gaining a lot of traction lately. These sites allow creative professionals to offer courses and expert lessons to students of all skill levels, for a small fee. You can teach anything from web design to languages. Courses are offered over audio and video. And the best part? They don’t even have to be live courses. You can create a professionally designed series of lessons for your students to watch whenever they see fit, after they have paid for the course. Courses sell for anywhere between $10 to $199.99, with thousands of potential students per course. Each course needs to be at least 30 minutes […]

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