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5 Essential Tips for Finding Jobs as a Freelancer

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Did you know that a quarter of freelancers can find work in just one day? Learning that, you’re likely ready to learn how to become a freelancer. Depending on your skill set, you might find yourself a new job sooner than you’d think. Finding jobs as a freelancer largely depends on your industry and expertise. Some industries have faster employment turnaround than others. Read this guide on jobhunting tips for freelancers. 1. Finding Freelance Jobs In Your Network You don’t have to go job hunting across the internet to find freelance jobs. There are plenty of job sites available, but before you spend hours scrolling through, check your own network. You might find your future as a freelancer from a current contact. Depending on your current employment status, you might need a job right away. This will affect where and how you look for work. Consider the following areas before you worry start searching freelance job boards. Social Media Your own social profiles could easily be an avenue for becoming a freelance writer or another type of freelancer. If you’re currently employed, you might want to avoid using this particular avenue. Or, if you’re clearly ready to move on from someone else’s employ, blast it out. Odds are, your current social media network can help in ways you hadn’t imagined. Whether you discreetly connect with friends or share it loud and proud, getting social about your freelance career is vital. Industry Groups Your current industry might also be the avenue to finding jobs as a freelancer. Maybe you were laid off or left seeking independence. Either way, certain industry groups can keep you in the same work realm without having to adjust your skills. Trade associations and other industry groups aren’t just for current employees but also industry veterans. Make sure to check out these kinds of groups (especially if you work in the service industry). Networking Networking is a little different from social media. Instead of casting a wide net, you’ll explore specific networks for freelancers or within your current professional circles. Networking is crucial for any professional, especially freelancers. Cold Pitches You can always go the most direct way, too. Instead of networking or posting on social, you can always ask the companies you’d like to work with. In fact, figuring out how to be a freelance writer means pitching clients regularly. 2. Exploring Sites for Jobs as a Freelancer You can also try hunting outside your own network. There are a ton of job sites specifically for freelancing. Some are industry or skill-specific, and others are generic. Some sites for working as a freelancer are free and unregulated. Others require an application, subscription fees, and are moderated by the site’s host. Finding a job site for jobs as a freelancer is largely up to you. A quick internet search can generate lists of the top sites for you to investigate for freelance work. The best option is to do your research on any job site you […]

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