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Freelance Business Tools You Need to Try

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As rewarding as it may be, freelancing can also be challenging. Sure, you can make some money by doing something you enjoy and are good at. However, you are also responsible for managing your projects and finding clients on your own. Fortunately, there are tools that can ease the process. 1. Grammarly In freelancing, quality writing is essential. Therefore, it should be free of all spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Regardless of whether you are a freelancer or not, you need to write as effectively as possible when answering emails, cold-pitching to potential clients, or making your business website. Fortunately, freelancers can use Grammarly, a software program that checks grammar errors and spelling for free or for a fee. You can use Grammarly for many things. From checking for spelling mistakes in emails or writing projects, eliminating many misunderstandings, or just making your content more engaging. You can even ask experts for help with your writing. Grammarly is a free service, but the premium version offers more features. The advantage of the paid version is that it can check for more advanced writing conciseness, such as clarity, readability, and style. 2. Trello Both the Trello app and website are designed to enhance the general organization of any freelancing writing work, especially when you need to update your assignments or juggle several clients constantly. Trello allows you to organize any of your freelancing projects on your own or if you’re part of a team. What’s great about Trello is that you can separate your clients and projects using Boards and Cards. The user interface is pretty interactive, and you can quickly and easily move your cards, archive them or delete them altogether. That way, you can quickly move your cards between ‘in-progress and ‘complete’ projects ready for delivery and even create a separate category to know which clients still need to pay for a project. Plus, you can also use Trello to create private boards and cards to organize your personal life. You can also customize your boards and add colors or images that you like. As part of its Power-Ups feature, Trello integrates extra workspace tools, such as a calendar. There are only a few Power-Ups you can access for free. After that, you will need to upgrade to the premium version. You can start using Trello for free, or you can go for the premium version if you want. Fortunately, you can still make the most of Trello without spending a dime at first. 3. Zoom Zoom is one of the most popular video conference services out there, and there’s a reason for that. This platform offers a great option for freelancers to hold online calls and video conferences with clients and make webinars or record videos. What’s great about Zoom is that you can have up to 40-minute calls in its free version, which is more than enough time to talk to your clients or close potential deals. Plus, Zoom is designed to help 100 or more […]

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