10 online resources to find a work-from-home job

10 Online Resources To Find A Work-From-Home Job

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spotlight Whether you’re pivoting after a round of layoffs or you’re not willing to give up the work-life balance working from home provides, these websites can help. Long before the pandemic changed how we work, FlexJobs collected the best remote listings for freelance, part-time and full-time work-from-home jobs. FlexJobs does charge a membership fee , but the site also screens listings, making you less likely to come across a scam. You can also sort by over 50 job categories to find the perfect fit for your next role. As the name suggests, JustRemote lists thousands of fully work-from-home positions in a wide range of industries. Categories include design, project management, sales, customer service and human resources. It’s free to search many of the listings, but you also can signup for a $6 Power Search option to unlock even more remote jobs. Remote.Co provides a large selection of curated fully remote job listings, as well as highlighting remote-friendly companies. There also are articles and tips about working from home, including a comparison of professional development courses and certifications that are helpful for remote workers. This site is free to use. We Work Remotely has attracted 4.5 million visitors to the remote-only job board. Job seekers can search hundreds of positions, from programming to customer support, for free. The advanced filters make it easy to find the right job. If you want the freedom to work from anywhere, search for your next position on Working Nomads. The site features freelance, part-time and full-time jobs that can be done from your home, hotel room or RV. This remote job board is also free. Pangian has a large list of reputable remote companies, as well as a regularly updated work-from-home job board. You’ll need to sign up to search listings, but the job board is free. If you’re done with the days of hourlong commutes, search for your next job on Skip The Drive . This job board lists remote, flexible and hybrid jobs. You’ll find entry-level to senior roles in account management, business development, project management, human resources and IT on this free site. Growmotely has a smaller remote job board, but it’s worth signing up for their free email newsletter. Let the opportunities come to you with weekly updates about the best remote listings. If you’re looking for a flexible job, try Jobgether. This free remote job board lets you search by flexibility features including unlimited holidays, flexible work hours or additional parental leave. Industries losing and gaining the most jobs Stacker identified the industries where job openings have grown and shrank over the past year, using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 9 techniques employers use to retain top talent The job market has been volatile these last years, from turnover to labor shortages. Assembly has compiled strategies for retaining top talent.

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