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What Is SWOT Analysis?

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As your job responsibilities increase, you could face challenges with productivity and career growth. Whether you’re an employee or running your own freelance gig, these challenges can occur. However, by following the SWOT analysis steps mentioned in this article, you can overcome such challenges. A personal SWOT analysis will help you to pick the right job or project for increased productivity. Subsequently, you’ll see yourself prepared for the next level of career or business expansion. The Importance of Personal SWOT Analysis To get to the next career level in a company or expand your freelance business, you need to keep up the productivity while accepting extra tasks. You can only sustain the pace of productivity when your approach is scientific. SWOT analysis is the scientific method that helps businesses increase their productivity and growth. It’s also similarly effective when you need to understand individual capabilities. A SWOT analysis report will help you undertake those tasks that you can complete at a higher productivity rate. You’ll also grow advanced skills and more confidence to move yourself to the next level. The Process of Personal SWOT Analysis There are two phases for preparing a SWOT analysis report. During the first phase, you need to find out the followings that are related to the next career level or freelance expansion: 1. Strengths List down the strengths that distinguish you from your competitors. Domain-specific strengths will accelerate project productivity. It’d help if you try to answer the following questions: What educational qualifications and professional certifications do you own? Are you an expert in any trending technology skill or technique? Do you possess any novel project strategy that’ll add value to the company or client? Which reputed companies or clients have you served? Do you have extensive networking in your domain? Are you able to manage a team endowed with mission-critical projects? 2. Weaknesses To be able to increase productivity and accomplish professional goals, you need to find out your weaknesses. Try answering the following questions to list your weaknesses: Do you lack any trending technical or soft skills that could block your path to a promotion or freelance gig expansion? Do you have any habits like procrastinating , being unable to follow established processes, reporting late at work, etc., that could negatively impact your profession? When communicating with a group of people, do you feel a lack of confidence? Is there any shortcoming in your educational background which could make you feel insecure at work or while handling a freelance project? 3. Opportunities It’s time to list opportunities that will give a push to grow your career or freelance gig. Knowing your opportunities help you to boost productivity at the professional level. Make a list of the answers to the following questions: Do you feel that the latest advancements in your domain are more beneficial for you than your competitors? Do you think acquiring new skills will give you an edge over the others in your industry? Is there a need for skilled […]

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