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Popular Remote Career Ideas for the Pandemic Period

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We can agree that 2020 is a year of change because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying at home became mandatory, and many plans were delayed. The impact of the pandemic became more obvious as time went by. With the economy slowing down, many lost their jobs or needed extra income. However, there is a positive impact from the misfortune. Thanks to the internet, online jobs became more available to people. From freelancing to starting your own business, the choices are plenty. This article provides several remote career ideas to help you sort which one works best for you during the pandemic. (photo provided) You’ll Need a Website Before taking a remote career, it’s important to focus on your online presence by having a website. Creating a website can add value to your branding, help expand your network, provide opportunities, and lure in potential customers. Your website can be adjusted according to your purposes, whether as a professional portfolio, blog, or an e-commerce site. Choose what your objectives will be and envision how it’s going to be in both short and long terms. Nowadays, you can look into affordable website builders and web hosting providers. We recommend looking into HOSTINGER and its hosting plans that start under $3 per month. You can have your website up and running with a domain name and the tools to run your website seamlessly. Meanwhile, if you can also secure your website for free with free SSL certificate providers like Cloudflare . Now that you’re ready to enter the gig economy, let’s run down some remote career ideas that might be the right fit for you. What Job is Right for You Choosing online jobs can be challenging, especially with so many platforms being crowded with new workers due to the pandemic. The best way to pick is to limit your options and ask yourself these questions: How much time will you dedicate to the remote work? Which skill or experience do you want to take on for the job? What resources are available for the work? How much can you invest? What is your profit expectation? When you’re confident in your answers, you will have a more seamless process of finding and doing the remote work. To continue, below are the list of career ideas to help you decide which one is best for you. (photo provided) Start Blogging A blog – or weblog – is an online journal where people write about their preferred topics. There are many types of blogs that serve different purposes. Blogging has changed from being a platform of online diary entries to a monetized one, and always with benefits. Starting a blog begins by choosing the niche topic, then settling on your web hosting and domain name. A blog is often made unique and SEO-friendly to promote your content and stand out from others. When your blog is ready, you can begin promoting and gaining an audience to grow it further. There are some options to start […]

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