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Finding meaningful work through freelancing

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Over the years, the method of working has experienced various changes, and so have the reasons for doing so. Finding and engaging in meaningful work has also become popular as many different employment options are springing up; freelancing is one of them. Meaningful work simply explains having a genuine connection between the work you do and your life’s purpose, and with freelancing platforms like Kreek Africa, it’s possible. Very often, it is assumed that one has to be a part of an organization for them to engage in meaningful work. But for those interested in having full control of their careers, or those who aren’t ‘fortunate’ enough to be a part of a company, freelancing can still be rewarding with the right platform. According to the Harvard business review, there are six drivers that made work meaningful for freelancers, and Kreek Africa offers these. The first driver of meaningful work is balance, and this refers to freelancers having the time for other things outside of work. And a freelance website like Kreek Africa means freelancers can work from any location and at any time. It also gives them the liberty to schedule their work life and their personal life. Right next to balance comes autonomy, where freelancers have control over their careers. On the Kreek Africa platform, you decide what work to participate in based on reviews of clients that have already gone through a rigorous authentication process as a way of ensuring safety. That means freelancers can participate in online jobs that add value to their work while earning an income. There is nothing like office politics to get in the way, and professionals can give off their best with no interference. Apart from these two, advancement is another important driver of meaningful work. And with a wide pool of projects with different levels, freelancers have the opportunity to engage in those that challenge them and put their qualifications to good use. It allows them to take more responsibly in their work as there will be no red tape processes. The accountability for their work is also a great way to gain some credibility, independence, and status in their field. Freelancers can also benefit from the variety of projects on the platform as well, which will help them grow in their chosen fields. The last two drivers, service and affiliation, also make work more meaningful for freelancers as it gives a sense of being part of something bigger. Kreek Africa is dedicated to projecting the talent that Africa has by creating a platform for its citizens. With foreign or Western platforms, many African freelancers may face one form of discrimination or the other, which makes work challenging and slow. Kreek Africa eliminates this and, in the process, redefines the African economy. The platform makes it easier for those who prefer working for themselves, which is a large portion of Africans to achieve their goals and dreams. Meaningful work isn’t only good for freelancers, and companies that use the […]

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