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Preparing for a Successful Freelance Career

According to the Bangladesh Government’s ICT Division, there are well over 500,000 active freelancers currently residing in the country. In 2019, this made Bangladesh the country with the 8th largest number of freelancers globally. Although payment rate for freelancers from developing countries like Bangladesh is comparatively low, one can still earn up to USD 50 […]

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Freelance News, Freelancing Skills, Freelancing Tips, Freelancing Resources, Freelance Career

Things You Should Know Before Jumping into a Freelance Career

Along with the growing trends of working from home and online, freelancing is becoming a more and more popular career path. Freelancing allows for a high level of autonomy, flexibility, and ultimately, freedom. Regardless of the industry area, there are increasing numbers of opportunities to jump into a freelance career to support multiple clients at […]

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