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Tips for Beginner Freelance Writers

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Who doesn’t want to make their own hours, decide which clients to work with, where to work, what projects to take on, and even command their own pay? Well, I do. Many people are attracted to freelancing because of the thought of being “your own boss” and that’s great. However, starting a freelance writing career on the wrong foot can backfire badly and see you beat a hasty retreat back to your cubicles. While freelancing has its benefits, it can also be scary. As a freelance writer, you are practically a small business owner, this sees you wear multiple hats and take on multiple roles to keep your business running and generate more income. You are responsible for scheduling meetings, creating content, finding clients and convincing them to hire you, delivering quality work on time, keeping records of your finances (bookkeeping), amongst other tasks. So, if you are a new freelance writer or someone interested in dipping their toes into this world, here are 10 must-know tips you must keep to your heart and mind as you navigate the cunning and treacherous waters of the industry: Start your freelance writing business with adequate savings Not having a regular paycheck is something you’ll experience as a full-time freelance writer. Therefore, I’d recommend that before leaving your job and deciding to go freelance, do have three to six months’ worth of living and business expenses. Of course, you might not need to hire employees, outsource projects, or rent office space as you start your freelancing writing business. However, you’ll need money to get your own laptop (if you don’t already have one), include data expenses and other stationery you will need to start work. You’ll also want to cultivate a professional image online by having a LinkedIn profile and setting up a business account on other social media platforms, therefore, investing in a photoshoot is something you should also consider. Define your freelance goals and revise them constantly One major mistake I’ve seen new freelancers continuously make is to dabble into business without a clear-cut goal. For example, ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve from my freelance writing career?” If you’re quitting a full-time job to start freelancing professionally, one of your primary goals should probably be to make enough money to support yourself. You should figure out how much you can charge for your work, how many projects you’ll need per month to meet your monthly financial expectations, and how many potential clients you’re going to need to reach out to in order to land those projects. And if freelancing is a part-time project for now, your primary goal might be to achieve brand awareness and visibility before going full-time. Once you decide what your goals are, set a timeline. Check in at set intervals to make sure you’re achieving them, and know that it’s okay to revise your goals as you learn more about your needs and the market. Market your freelance writing business across multiple platforms […]

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