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Why BH Network is the Future For Freelancer Marketplace

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Digital currencies are taking over the world by storm. Small scale businesses right through to full-fledged brands are now looking for ways to adapt to the growing trends. However, while those people are looking for freelancers, the options they have are bleak. The enormous fees that current freelancing marketplaces charge are a huge deterrent. The problem is, there are no other alternatives. People are forced to pay those massive fees (sometimes up to 20% of the purchase cost), and there was nothing anyone can do about it – until now. BH Network wants to change the freelancing marketplace norm, and the team is already on track to do so. What is the BH Network? One of the primary issues people within the online business sector face is that buying and selling digital goods has enormous fees. It is challenging to track the delivery of the product compared to physical items dispatched through standard mail routes. The BH Network is a team of freelancers and business owners who have set out to build a reliable and safe online marketplace to help you buy digital goods and services with digital currencies. Their plan includes escrow services alongside existing Elrond blockchain technology to dramatically reduce fees, increase transaction speed, and minimize delivery and chargeback queries. Why Should you Trust BH Network? The BH Network team comprises global freelancers and entrepreneurs who have spent many years building and maintaining online businesses buying and selling digital products and services and have faced the issues that everyone does with the current marketplaces. The idea and execution of the BH Network marketplace come from their requirement and passion for change alongside understanding the needs of the global freelancer workforce. Furthermore, there are always team members available on their Telegram group ready to answer questions that you may have.

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