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What You Should Include In Your Copywriter Portfolio

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what to include copywriter portfolio website sections Most freelance copywriters are constantly looking for new customers or new fascinating projects. However, the best way to showcase your skills is to create a modern, engaging copywriter’s portfolio website. You can build such a site from scratch yourself… but the average writer hardly has sufficient coding and web design skills! You can order a portfolio website from a web studio… but it costs more than the average copywriter can afford! There is only one way out: choose a modern and reliable website builder and use it to create an attractive copywriter portfolio website! Be careful: if you want to create a website that will bring the desired results and you don’t really want to turn your life into hell, you need to choose the most suitable solution for beginners that offers loyal terms of use. If you have no experience in website development, you should try Weblium, the progressive website builder: its intuitive editor is designed especially for beginners; at the same time, it offers advanced design customization options. In addition, with Weblium site builder, you can make a website and start attracting customers right away! If you’re not sure about what a good copywriter portfolio website should include, we’re here to help you with that. 1. About Me This is one of the most important pages of your portfolio website. This is the place where your potential employers learn about you and your professional skills and achievements. This is where you’re promoting your brand! Tell a few things about yourself, use a friendly tone, try to imagine you’re speaking to a friend. Don’t write a lot of text — the description should be clear and short to intrigue the visitor and motivate him to find out more about you. It’s a great idea to come up with a strong tagline and place it alongside the text in this section. Also, add your high-quality photo to this section. copywriter profile bio 2. Services This section is very important for all your potential customers because here they can quickly understand if you can help them. Indicate the copywriting field you’re working in (or several), for example, social media content writing, ad copy, e-commerce content, website copywriting, email marketing copy, landing page copy, freelance blog posts, and articles, and so on. Also, here you can indicate topics in which you excel, for example, business, medicine, education, etc. copywriting professional page 3. Benefits Of Working With Me This section should be one of the most compelling on your portfolio site. Consider in detail what information should be placed here and how to present it correctly. Are you the one that always meets the deadlines, or, maybe, you can offer the customer more options than others can? Do you dive deeply into the specifics of the business and create compelling content? Briefly highlight the benefits of working with you, point by point. It’s a good idea to add your accomplishments using facts and figures. For […]

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