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Best Platforms To Start Freelancing in Bangladesh

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Freelancing (Representational Image) Working online through different freelancing websites is currently a very popular line of work because you can match the opportunities on offer to almost any skills-set that you may possess. It can denote both white-collar and blue-collar work. It is possible to earn thousands of dollars by using your own skills through different freelancing platforms – these web-based apps or websites can be essential to match you with the right opportunities, from the ones that abound in the global gig economy. When outsourcing a lot of their business processes, organisations often engage specialist firms and even freelancers. Bangladesh is also keeping pace with the transformation underway in how human beings view and understand the concept of ‘work’. Our large population, which is also youthful, makes it a very attractive pool for recruitment agencies that are often engaged to hire their freelancers. A 2019 report by Payoneer, the Global Gig Economy Index, put Bangladesh at number 8 for countries with the highest year-on-year revenue growth in the freelance sector – earnings had grown 28 percent from what it was in 2018. Almost all successful freelancers have started their careers through different websites, also known as platforms. This article will discuss freelancing websites where you can get a job faster, matching your skills . Read Work from Home, Earn and Be Your Own Boss Top Freelancing Websites for the Beginners If you research based on your skill, you will find multiple freelancing websites, and those are good enough to confuse your kickoff. Therefore, we have made a list of freelancing websites for beginners from Bangladesh. The following websites are great for newbies. Fiverr Founded in 2010, Fiverr is well ahead of other freelancing sites. As a newbie, anyone can open an account in Fiverr. Because it is much more effective and easier for beginners. If you are quite new to outsourcing and do not know which website to start, then feel free to open an account with Fiber and start working. Jobs at Fiverr start from $5. Further, there is a huge demand for jobs like digital marketing, logo design, content writing, translation, audio, and video editing in Fiverr. Unlike other platforms, no hourly work has been launched here yet; only fixed-rate work will be available. You can withdraw Fiverr’s income via Payoneer and Bank Transfer in Bangladesh. Upwork Getting a job in Upwork is a bit difficult as you will need to bid on the jobs to get hired. However, if you are a skilled candidate and can show your potentiality to the clients, you can get the job easily. Currently, Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing websites. The job posting feed here is updated very quickly. From small businesses to large multinational organizations, hire their freelancers from Upwork. In 2015, Upwork changed its name from oDesk. Well-known freelancing website Elance and oDesk teamed up to launch a new and expanded platform called Upwork. Although you will find job opportunities for every sector, jobs like […]

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