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5 Ways To Become A Freelancer

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The freelance market is booming in recent times, what with most startups and companies opting for freelancers to run their needs. It does not come as a surprise that this is a sector that attracts a lot of youngsters today. While many find an attraction in the independence that a freelance gig offers, others also see the scope for more money in it. India has 15 million freelancers today. While it may sound as a tough call for many who prefer a normal job, it is not also a way to earn something extra on the side. The pathway to become a freelancer is quite easy if one knows how to navigate the initial steps. 1. Decide if this is the right choice for you The mindset is the most important factor when it comes to freelancing. The first quality a person needs to possess to become a freelancer is to be disciplined. Your reliability brings you clients and it is your goodwill that makes you successful in the long run. Being your own boss might sound glamorous but when you have to be accountable to yourself and each and every one of your clients, it is hard work. Be ready to handle multiple jobs at the same time. Being able to switch between thought processes is very important for a freelancer, because every client wants something different. 2. Start with a freelance portal There are plenty of online portals that serve as the meeting point for freelancers and clients. Each platform has its own rules but for every one of them, you must create an attractive portfolio with samples of your work and register yourself. To illustrate, Pepper Conten t is one such tech enabled content marketplace that acts as a bridge between freelancers and clients. The platform offers freelancers more time to work on projects and find new projects easily. Other platforms like UpWork require you to submit individual proposals for each assignment, so you must be ready to put your best foot forward. Freelance writers also have to be their own marketers! 3. Build your personal brand Speaking of being a marketer, freelancers must invest time and effort in creating a personal brand for themselves using their website and the many social media platforms that are at our disposal today. Sharing your work on social media is a great way to be discovered. In fact, LinkedIn is a gold mine for finding new freelance gigs. As your virtual resume, it gives 300 million monthly users access to you, but more importantly it gives you access to the right decision makers in the right organizations. 4. Network and build relationships Like any business, the key to finding success as a freelancer is through building relationships. Not only does this mean engaging with clients and prospects at a deeper level: sharing knowledge, appreciating campaigns etc., but it also means interacting with fellow freelancers. Running your own business can be a lonely job. Instead of looking at other freelancers […]

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