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Visible review: Freelancers can live on this $40 Verizon service

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Verizon wants to talk to millennials and some of the Gen Z types. Those sorts of people want cell service that keeps them connected wherever they go with just enough speed for them to send updates to their secret Snap groups and post to their finstas at an affordable price. Also, they’re not particularly good with being on hold while calling customer service. Kind of a two-dimensional picture, but it’s better than most marketing pitches I read. Enter its new MVNO, Visible . It’s painted storefronts on a deep, stark blue, saying that a ‘404’ error occurred because the store couldn’t be found. It’s opened a pop-up store “for the grams,” even if it’s just for the finstas, where undercurrent artists performed live DJ sessions . Surely it’s gotta be fine as hell. The premise Besides the marketing and imaging towards the under-40’s, the premise is simple. If you’re familiar with AT&T’s prepaid carrier, Cricket Wireless, you’ll be familiar with the concept of speed throttling for general data use. Here’s the plan : it’s $40 a month for unlimited talk, text and data at a maximum of 5Mbps — minus some lower caps for streaming video (up to 3Mbps), […]

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