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Upwork vs Freelancer: Which is better for freelancers?

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Interruptions From Work If you want to join the gig economy and start making a living online, there are plenty of ways to jump in. For many, however, the easiest option is to sign up to a freelancing site and begin selling there. The question is which one. In this post, we will compare two of the biggest markets for freelancers: Upwork vs Freelancer. See also: What is the gig economy? Why the future of work is online (and how to prepare) The basics Upwork is the largest freelancing site on the web. It has been around since 1999, though it has had a few name changes since then. Upwork Logo The platform has long been the go-to option for freelancers looking to launch their careers. It offers a number of powerful tools not found on competitor websites. These include integrated invoicing and payments, collaboration tools, messaging, scheduling, and more. See also: How to get started with Upwork and make money There’s also a controversial “Work Diary” tool that captures screenshots and keystrokes to track your productive hours on behalf of clients. Using Upwork is easy. You create a profile and then browse job listings and projects using powerful filtering tools. If you wish to apply for a job or a position, you submit a “proposal” in exchange for a variable number of “Connects.” These Connects act like tokens. They are limited in number but replenished each month. See also: Best work from home apps, gadgets, and tools Freelancer (often written as is newer than Upwork but has been around since 2009. In terms of layout and structure, Freelancer is very similar to Upwork. You create a profile and then browse for “projects” that match the skills you list. Freelancer Logo As with Upwork, you’ll be given the option to submit a proposal or “bid” on the projects you wish to complete. Also like Upwork, you are limited to a set number of bids per month. Freelancer also has its own desktop app that tracks your working hours and aids with communication and collaboration. There’s a messaging app, too. Upwork vs Freelancer fees Freelancer fees are 10% or $5 (whichever is greater) for fixed-price projects and 10% for hourly projects. “Services”, however, are charged at 20%. Six Figure Income Bundle There’s also a maintenance fee of $10 per month if you ignore your account for six months or longer! This is refunded upon your request, but it is strange and frustrating that it exists at all. Just to be clear, as a web developer, I can tell you there is no “maintenance” involved in keeping a user account active! (My account has simply been deleted due to disuse!) In general, the fee structure is vaguely worded and not completely transparent. Here is a quote from the official page : “For fixed price projects, if you are awarded a project, and you accept, we charge you a small project fee relative to the value of the selected bid, as […]

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