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10 Side Hustles To Make Extra Income This Summer

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Travel restrictions around the world could deter many UAE residents from jetting off for their holidays this summer. But a potential upside of staying put during the pandemic is the prospect of additional income. Many summer employment opportunities are opening up across the UAE, as companies offer temporary roles to residents with extra time on their hands. Karuna Agarwal, director of Future Tense Human Resources in Dubai, said more employers were looking to hire workers for short-term assignments. “Flexi working has received a major boost since the pandemic, and has been redefined to include an increasing propensity for remote working,” she said. “Importantly, the employers have pushed this, and continue to seek experts for short-term assignments for both structural and seasonal scope.” UAE salary guide 2021: Banking. All images Ramon Penas / The National Banking Banking. All images Ramon Penas / The National The pandemic fuelled the rise of the global gig economy, as people affected by redundancies and pay cuts sought new ways to make ends meet. Those already working would need to secure approval from their employer. Seven legal ways to earn a side income in the UAE “The summer months have a few inherent catalysts for flexi working, such as higher willingness to stay home, away from hot outdoor conditions, school holidays giving parents more time and lack of confidence in travelling back home or taking vacations,” said Ms Agarwal. She highlighted 10 jobs to earn extra income this summer. Digital marketing Many companies hire digital marketers to promote their products or services online. A digital marketer uses the company’s online channels to sell the company’s brand. Temporary contracts during the summer time could mean the part-time employee is either working to improve the firm’s social media channels, search engine optimisation or create campaign ideas. Part-time gigs in digital marketing could generate a monthly income of between Dh3,000 and Dh6,000. Content creator Content creators have to think of creative ways to sell a client’s brand using the firm’s social media channels. Unsplash There are many opportunities for content creators. While the position is often full-time, there are also freelance content creators who work for companies to help promote their brands. Freelancing requires an annually renewed permit that starts from Dh7,500 in Dubai. Freelance visas and permits issued through Tecom are some of the popular options. The emirate also launched the cultural visa, which includes content creators. However, only 1,000 will be issued. Content creators have to think of creative ways to sell a client’s brand using the firm’s social media channels, including YouTube videos, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Salman Kaka at his promotions job at a mall, where he has been hired under a six-month contract. Pawan Singh / The National Income on a temporary contract as a content creator depends on the scale of the project. E-commerce management With online shopping surging in popularity across the world, demand for e-commerce managers is growing. The role involves maintaining a company’s online assets, advertising and keeping up […]

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