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Top 6 Freelancing Marketplaces in 2019

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For many freelancers all around the world, working on a marketplace has become a lucrative option as it takes out the hassle for finding clients on their own. For a small commission, freelancing marketplaces offer the convenience of vetting clients and provide a secured gateway for payments. Thus, many freelancers, especially the ones who are starting out in the industry prefer to sign up on a freelancing website to gather experience and build reputation and credibility among their clients. This article will now feature the top 5 freelancing marketplaces that are trending in 2019. 1. Upwork Upwork, which was formerly known as oDesk, is the most popular freelancing marketplace in the world. Back in 2013, oDesk and Elance merged to form Upwork and began their operations in 2015 under one company. Both oDesk and Elance already managed to build a solid reputation by then, but after combining their resources, they became an unstoppable force in the freelancing world and quickly occupied the top place. Each freelancer is meticulously vetted by the Upwork staff in order to ensure the highest quality for the clients. Most successful freelancers who have worked on the site from 2015 have gone on to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in the marketplace. Upwork usually charges a commission of around 10-20% of the project fee, depending on the budget. Users can operate free accounts on the site, but the premium features can be unlocked by paying $10 dollars per month for additional features. Both freelancers and clients have rated Upwork as one of the most trusted names in the freelancing space due to their sheer quality of freelancers. 2. Fiverr Fiverr is another popular marketplace which offers users the option to create gigs, starting from $5 all the way to $10,000. Fiverr differs from other marketplaces as they don’t offer users the traditional method of bidding on projects. Clients don’t need to create projects, as they can simply browse the website for the services they seek to purchase. Fiverr takes advantage of the gig economy and offers freelancers the option to open up to 7 gigs on different categories and services. The website charges a commission of 20% on all projects, and users can withdraw their earnings directly to their PayPal or bank accounts. 3. Freelancer Freelancer is an Australian freelancing marketplace that began its operations in 2009. The website is headquartered in Sydney and allows freelancers from all around the world to open a free account on their site. The site allows potential employers to create projects where prospective freelancers can bid, and then the client can choose the best bid to award the project. Freelancer charges a commission of 10% on all projects on the site, which is significantly lower than other freelancing marketplaces. The website offers free withdrawal services to PayPal and bank accounts for their freelancers. 4. Guru Guru is another popular freelancing marketplace that is based in the United States of America. Although it began its operations before Upwork or […]

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