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Top 5 Side Hustles for Lawyers to Adopt

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Side hustles for lawyers may seem like an unimaginable tasks alongside an already busy practice. Law is an all-consuming profession, but that doesn’t mean that lawyers are limited to doing one thing for their whole lives. Far from it, on the contrary – while every line of work has the potential to allow for side hustles and freelance gigs, the legal profession is especially suited to side hustles . Many lawyers have developed skills in diverse areas such as writing, research, management, and public speaking, meaning that they’re well equipped to take on many different side gigs. Not only can these part-time projects provide a welcome stream of additional income, but they can also deliver personal fulfillment and enrichment by shaking up the typical work week routine. The rapid growth of online work in recent years means that there’s no time like the present for lawyers to pursue extra jobs and projects. If you’re looking to add some variety to your workweek routine, then consider jumping into these six excellent side hustles for lawyers. Freelance writing There was once a time when freelance writing was a risky business that required either working with advertising agencies or collaborating with elusive big-name magazines. However, companies across nearly all industries need high-quality written content to boost their search engine rankings, establish their reputations, and grow their audiences. With professionally honed skills in crafting legal documents and arguments, lawyers are excellent candidates to fill this need for freelance writing. The best part about freelance writing is that it can be such a versatile and varied pursuit. Sometimes, you may have to write clickbait-y listicles for clients to help them earn more clicks. Other times, you might land a project writing an exhaustive case study for a client drawing from detailed data and real-world evidence. Whatever your specialties or interests are, there is an incredibly high chance that there’s someone out there willing to pay you to write about them. Sites like UpWork and Fiverr make it simpler than ever to find freelance writing projects. It can be tough to stand out in these crowded marketplaces when you’re first starting – after all, tens of millions of people advertise their services on these sites every day. However, once you have a few successful projects under your belt, it’s easy to start gaining traction with a steady stream of additional projects. With the ability to tailor your workload to your interests and current capacity, freelancing provides a healthy avenue for lawyers to take on extra rewarding work. If you’re not quite ready for freelance work, starting a blog for your law firm is a great way to exercise your writing skills and figure out your writing strengths. Writing an eBook If writing blogs and articles on a freelance basis isn’t enough to satiate your ambition, then you may be an excellent candidate to pen an eBook. Writing an eBook is incredibly accessible and removes almost all the barriers involved with publishing a book traditionally while […]

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