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Toggl Track – Software Reviews Toggl Track, formerly just Toggl, is an intuitive time-tracking app with a generous free tier of service. You can get more advanced features, many of which benefit teams, if you pay for a Starter or Premium account. Toggl Track has desktop apps and a browser plug-in, as well as mobile apps for tracking time on the go or in meetings. It’s an Editors’ Choice time tracking service for freelancers and micro businesses because they can get so much out of it for free. It works well for teams, too, as long as they’re looking for an app that specifically tracks time spent working, without offering invoicing, expensing, or employee-monitoring services. If Toggl Track doesn’t sound like quite the right fit, we also recommend Harvest , another Editors’ Choice winner. Note that Toggl Track and other apps like it are different from large scale employee time-tracking software , though they can overlap in some areas. How Much Does Toggl Track Cost? Toggl Track has four tiers of service. The first level is free. The second level is Starter, which costs $10 per person or $108 per person per year. The third level is Premium, which costs $20 per person per month or $216 per person per year. Lastly, there’s an Enterprise plan with custom pricing. The free plan is generous and could be more than adequate for solo workers or even small groups of up to five people with light needs. It offers all the basic features you need to track time. You get a timeline, auto-tracker, idle detection, the ability to edit time tracked, tags, offline time tracking, and weekly reports. You can create as many projects and clients as you need. A few things you miss out on are calendar integration (you get a calendar view but not the ability to pull in an existing calendar), tasks, billable rates, time rounding, project templates, and a few other features you might need if you’re managing a busy group. The next plan, Starter, comes with everything in the Free plan, plus billable rates, time rounding, saved reports, time estimates, tasks, project templates, and calendar integration. Premium members get everything that Starter members get plus time tracking reminders, scheduled reports, time audits, insights, project dashboards, an admin dashboard, the ability to add and lock time entries, and required fields. Enterprise members get everything mentioned so far, as well as priority support, training, and customizations. How Do Toggl Track’s Prices Compare? Compared with other time-tracking and reporting tools, Toggl Track’s prices are within reason but on the expensive side, considering what you get. Harvest ($12 per person per month), a main competitor to Toggl Track, charges a little more than Toggl Track’s Premium plan, but it includes invoicing, expensing, and project budget tools, which Toggl Track doesn’t have. Harvest has discounts for paying yearly, for groups of 50 people or more, and for nonprofit and education organizations. Paydirt , another time-tracking app that includes invoicing, costs anywhere […]

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