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These 10 tools can help any freelancer be more productive

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TLDR: From marketing tools to social media helpers to cloud storage, these 10 deals can help a freelance entrepreneur spend more time working and less time running their business. Freelancing is a grind. You’re not only scratching to get work done. You’re also constantly trying to sell yourself to new potential clients as well as developing new opportunities to expand your mighty business of one. Considering how much those scrappy self-starters already have on their plates, we pulled together this collection of 10 different apps and services to help. These offers can assist in streamlining projects, extending outreach, and ultimately just running that freelancing operation as leanly and meanly as possible. 1. Zuitte 50+ Tools for Entrepreneurs Zuitte is a set of more than 50 different apps and tools for a business owner, all centered in one easy to use place. From marketing and research to social media and bookkeeping to monitoring a supply chain and running an efficient digital storefront, this collection consolidates all the tasks that would usually take a whole handful of separate apps to do. Get the Zuitte 50+ Tools for Entrepreneurs for $199 (Reg. $9,480). 2. Invoice Crowd Estimation and Accounting System Just the paperwork to get paid when you’re running your own business can be a full time job of its own. With Invoice Crowd, users can create compelling proposals, optimized invoices, and fast, automated, secure payment methods on a platform design for small-to-medium-sized businesses. You can get out from under a big chunk of their devoted admin time just with what Invoice Crowd has to offer. Get the Invoice Crowd Estimation and Accounting System for $48.99 (Reg. $1,440). 3. Bulk Email Verifier Truemail can make sure your email marketing campaigns aren’t tainted with mountains of bouncebacks. Truemail automatically goes through your email list and weeds out the invalid and unverifiable addresses so your campaigns always hit their intended mark. Even for non-techheads, this is a clean, effective way of getting the most out of your newsletters, offers, and other email outreach. Get the Bulk Email Verifier for $49 (Reg. $1,049). 4. HelloWoofy Social Media Management If you feel like you never have enough time to devote to all the social media channels for keeping your business fresh on all those platforms, HelloWoofy can serve as your new social media manager. Rather than just scheduling posts, the AI driving HelloWoofy is ready to create content for you as well, either finding great stuff that fits your brand around the web or just offering up ideas of its own to fill out and even automate your entire social media profile. Get HelloWoofy Social Media Management for $49 (Reg. $588). 5. L-Card Pro Digital Business Card App Nobody needs to carry around business cards anymore. L-Card Pro is the business card of the future, an easily organizable app for gathering other people’s cards and information, while distributing your own digital card, including maps, calendars, and even video. Get the L-Card Pro Digital Business […]

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