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The Upside To Starting A Freelance Business In The COVID-19 Pandemic

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With COVID-19 shredding whole sectors of Britain’s economy, certainty and predictability have gone out the window. If you find yourself being either furloughed or sent to work from home, now is the time to seriously explore Freelancing as a viable option. Business confidence is collapsing and unemployment and chronic underemployment are on the rise. Employers are looking to reduce their costs by either cutting jobs or adopting outsourcing more aggressively. In many ways, this process was already underway before the pandemic hit. So, rather than panicking or bewailing your financial plight start thinking strategically. We are seeing a flush of new small businesses emerging, mostly run by home and promoted exclusively via social media. Why Start A Freelancing Business In A Pandemic? Regardless of what you call it, more and more people are looking to try to pick up some work on the side to get through this global pandemic and survive financially. With so many companies looking to redefine what work gets done in house, however, starting a freelance business offers sound opportunities to survive in an economy that’s going to be slow to emerge from its economic trauma. Marketing, web design, cybersecurity, eCommerce, tech support and IT services, are all services primed for freelance agencies. Here are 5 compelling reasons why Freelance businesses are not just surviving, but thriving in the pandemic: Freelancing Makes Sense Financially Freelancing makes sense for prospective clients and Freelancers themselves. In a volatile environment, where revenue flows are unstable and costs are eating away at many businesses, tapping into a wide base of Freelance talent makes plenty of sense. Converting fixed costs to variable costs in a downturn is business survival 101. For Freelancers, the cost of setting up a business is low as are client acquisition costs. In many instances, all a Freelancer needs is a kitchen table, a laptop and a stable Wi-Fi connection. In a networked world, it’s also increasingly easy for Freelancers to collaborate on projects collectively rather than flying solo. This opens up opportunities to bid successfully on larger value or more diverse projects. It’s An Extension of the Gig Economy The gig economy was on the rise before COVID-19 hit us like a tsunami. Before the pandemic outbreak, many employees were working at least part-time from home. Starting a Freelance business can embrace any aspect of a business, product or service. From sewing masks in a home workshop to writing safety protocols or promoting takeaway dining menus. The digital economy has removed many of the impediments to operating competitive Freelance businesses. And today’s productivity tools to enable Freelancers to manage their workloads are cheap and efficient. In an era where limited physical interaction is a positive, Zoom conferencing and Skype calls are liberating a new generating of Freelance start-ups. Combining a strategic vision with a dash of creativity will point you in the right direction to build your Freelance business, whether that be an online retail storefront within Amazon, or services such as graphic design, content […]

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