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The skills you need for a successful career in freelancing

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The remote work boom induced — or at least accelerated — by Covid-19 has brought more interest to the world of freelancing. Freelance jobs are now considered a stable form of employment with an increasing number of opportunities for employees wanting to work from home. Freelancing also covers a wide range of industries, making room for just about everyone interested in making the switch. Freelancing isn’t always easy, however. While anyone can certainly do it, a particular skill set is required to excel. The following list contains six of the must-have skills you should add to your repertoire to succeed at freelancing: 1. Time management This will always be the No. 1 skill for freelancers. The beauty of freelance work is that you often get to work on your own timetable. You have deadlines to meet, true, but when you work on projects and assignments is up to you. Unfortunately, procrastination gets the best of everyone. Good time management ensures that projects are approached in a timely manner and not left for the last minute. Pushing projects off in favor of video games will harm the quality of your work, making it more difficult to land jobs in the future. Manage your time well, and you’ll also be able to take on more assignments each week, leading to fatter paychecks. Time management is also crucial for your mental health. You’re more likely to experience stress and dread when chasing tight deadlines and making up for lost time. Do yourself a favor, and start working on your time management skills today. This skill will help you even outside of freelance work. 2. Quick learning As a freelancer, you’ll often be on your own. This means you have to be both the teacher and the student when there’s something that needs to be learned. A desire to learn is the first step toward expanding your freelancing boundaries. You don’t have to have an IQ of 140 to be a successful freelancer. What you do need are good study habits and research skills. Being able to seek and digest information quickly will help you break down difficult tasks no matter your current skill level. Look for ways to continue your learning. Online courses are readily available on nearly any subject on websites such as LinkedIn and Udemy. Even watching some professionally made YouTube videos can help you develop skills and acquire new knowledge. 3. Clear communication You’ll have to keep track of a lot of names as a freelancer. You’ll work with numerous clients, each with their own requirements and their own timetable. Being able to communicate clearly with each of them will help ensure that the expectations of both parties are met. Good verbal and written communication are crucial for effective freelancing. You need to be able to interpret messages and directions sent by clients over email. In response, any questions or comments you may have must be written clearly and eloquently. Being able to speak with a client over the […]

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