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The New Future Of Work

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The pandemic has totally altered the way companies operate and how people work. Although these changes were first viewed as a temporary solution until things returned to normal, companies have realized there is no going back to the way things once were. What comes next for the future work? For starters, soft skills such as mindfulness and emotional intelligence will be key to creating a healthy work culture. Having employees that are proficient in these skills should result in a workplace that is more diverse and allow the company to take a step closer to racial, socioeconomic and gender equality. Remote working is not going anywhere. With this arrangement’s pros and cons being highlighted throughout the last several months, companies will likely look towards adopting a hybrid approach in the future. This means that businesses will still offer a physical office for employees, but also give them the choice to work from home if they want. Doing so allows workers to alleviate feelings of isolation, while also keeping up with the newfound work-life balance they’ve gained. The move to a more flexible, remote workforce means that professionals are opting for more freelancing opportunities. Since companies must focus on results rather than time spent in the office, freelancers are provided more opportunities. Businesses who include freelancers as part of their workforce are able to quickly adapt to changing trends, which will allow them to better recover after the pandemic has ended. Additionally, as the freelancing population grows, these workers will be able to access more health and financial benefits.

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