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The Best Automation Tools to Let Freelancers Reclaim Their Time

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Being a freelancer requires a great amount of admin to keep your business running and profitable. To ensure a steady stream of clients, you need to advertise your services, answer queries, and follow up on past leads. Once you land some work, you have to keep up with meetings and emails, and at the end, there’s still the matter of invoicing. All of this admin can sometimes take over the day and leave no time for your actual paid work. However, with different automation tools, you can save time, avoid errors, and reduce the stress of running a freelance business. 1. Mention : Listen and Study Your Audience Social media plays a big part in advertising your freelance services and booking new clients. There are multiple tools to help you schedule your social media posts, even letting you repost or curate posts from other sources automatically. But before you start scheduling your social media, you need to know what you should publish in order to attract new clients. The best way to do that is with a social listening tool that helps you study both your field of expertise and your competitors. The free version of Mention lets you set up one alert, which tracks news sites, blogs, forums, and social media. This alert can track the mentions for your own brand, look at your competitors, or look for specific keywords related to your field. Instead of registering for various newsletters and constantly searching the web, you can learn about what’s trending in your field all in one place. The website’s free plan also lets you schedule posts on three social profiles—further automating this task. 2. Calendly : Book Meetings With Ease Meetings are a big part of landing new clients, as well as managing ongoing projects. In the beginning, when a client is not sure your services are exactly what they need, a short introductory meeting can help seal the deal. Later on, meetings are a great way to settle misunderstandings and align expectations. Scheduling meetings, however, can become a time-consuming chore. Ensuring everyone is available at the same time, especially in different time zones, can create an endless back-and-forth over email. There are multiple apps out there that deal with scheduling meetings, but our favorite is Calendly. The free version offers integration to your Google Calendar or other popular calendars, which lets you share your availability without making your personal schedule public. You can simply send your Calendly link to whoever you wish to meet, and they will pick from the times that you set as available—showing in their local time zone. The event will then appear on everyone’s calendar. The software integrates with online conferencing such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, saving you the time of creating a link for every meeting. It also sends reminder emails before the appointments, to make sure everyone arrives on time. If you have a personal website, you can add it there as well. 3. Gmail Templates and Filters : […]

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