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Social Media Platforms for Photographers

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Social media offers an excellent opportunity for photographers to connect with potential clients. In the digital era, it’s a great asset. By showcasing your work on these networks, you can reach new audiences. Whether you are a professional or freelance photographer, the following social platforms will help you show off your work and get the right people to take notice… 1. Behance Behance is a classic portfolio publishing network that functions like a LinkedIn for creatives. Designed by Adobe, this is one of the best photography networking sites currently out there. The platform is ideal for sharing your portfolio and favorite images, allowing other Behance users to like and comment on your photos. By learning from their feedback and professional critiques, you can improve your work. The coolest feature of Behance is that it lets you find professional gig opportunities right on the platform. With your portfolio already available on the site, getting work becomes effortless. Download: Behance for Android | iPhone (Free) 2. Visura Visura is not exclusively for photographers. It also allows editors and other visual creative freelancers to connect and become part of a personal network. Using the sharing tools of Visura, you can make sure that your work reaches the right people. Apart from publishing your photography portfolio, this platform also lets you blog about and share news of your work with a wider community. Since this web platform also has photojournalists among its members, it offers a great opportunity to connect with them for better exposure. Download: Visura for Android | iPhone (Free) 3. Pinterest Pinterest is different from other social media sites as it is not all about getting likes or followers. It provides links to your website and draws potential clients. This means sharing images on Pinterest can lead the business to your website. Using beautiful pins, you can showcase your photography skills to the world. Its quick sharing option attracts more people to your work in a short time. Pinterest also keeps you up-to-date on the latest photography trends. Many users utilize this platform to find wedding and event photographers. If any photo goes viral, you don’t have to wait to get tons of work. Download: Pinterest for Android | iPhone (Free) 4. Exposure If you are a photographer who wants to share stories about your photos with the whole world, this is the right social media platform for you. Although the free plan for Exposure will let you publish only three stories per month, you can always subscribe to its paid plans for more. Reading the stories posted on Exposure will provide you with the feeling of going through your favorite magazine. Its neat and easy-to-read layout with photos in large format makes browsing the platform convenient. 5. Instagram Instagram is the compulsory entry in the list of any photography-related social platforms. The immense popularity of this website puts your portfolio on a platform with around one billion users. Besides offering a space to share works and ultimately compile a […]

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