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The 5 Best Places to Find Freelance Work

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Freelancing is a rewarding career and offers a degree of independence, all while doing something you love. When you’re first starting out, finding work as a freelancer can feel daunting. You might find yourself completing low-paying gigs or working with annoying clients. Luckily, there are plenty of places to find work. Although you may need to cut through the bad gigs initially, getting your foot in the door is essential. Here is a selection of places that’ll help you take the first steps on your journey to freelancing success, whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, programmer, or something else. 1. LinkedIn As the go-to B2B social media network, you’re probably not surprised to hear that LinkedIn is a great place to find freelance work. Just like you can use the Jobs tab to search for full-time roles, the same is true for contracts and other gigs. To filter full-time jobs out, tick Part-Time , Other , Contract , and Temporary under Job Type . But if you see a role advertised as full-time, don’t hesitate to contact the job poster and see if they’re open to freelancers. This is especially true if the job happens to be remote. They often won’t be accepting freelancers, but it never hurts to try. You can also use LinkedIn to find freelance work by using hashtags and keeping an eye out on your feed for people who may need your services. 2. Job Boards A lot of new freelancers go straight to the likes of Upwork , , and Fiverr . Those platforms are handy for building a portfolio, but you’ll have to sift through many low-paying gigs to find the gems. Plenty of other job boards exist for finding work. And often, they will compensate you much better. Again, though, there are some bad-paying clients—so you’ll need to read descriptions carefully. Job boards that you can find great gigs on include: You can also use bigger job boards like Indeed and Neuvoo . Sign up for their newsletters to get the best roles delivered to your inbox. 3. Facebook Groups Facebook can help you find pretty much anything, whether you’re looking to buy from a local seller or meet like-minded people. And Facebook Groups are also beneficial when you’re a freelancer. To get the most out of Facebook Groups, you should join a mixture of Groups that are specifically for posting jobs, as well as Groups that are strictly for networking. Often, freelancers with too much work will offload some of their gigs to others via these means. Here are some helpful Facebook groups to join if you’re a freelancer. Keep in mind that these groups are private, so you’ll have to ask to join in order to become a member. Twitter is a popular platform for freelancers to connect with others on the same path as them. But beyond that, it’s also a great place to find freelance work. One way you can use Twitter to find freelance roles is […]

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